Blow Drying


When you blow dry your hair before curling, blow dry it to a point where there is still a slight bit of moisture left in your hair. Do not blow dry your hair completely dry, before curling and styling, this allows less heat for less time when curling, as a bit of moisture help set your style quicker. It's kind of similar to when you iron clothes. It's best if they are just a slight touch damp before ironing, as if they are completely dry, you mist them a little with a water bottle just before ironing, this way they will take the heat from an iron faster and hold the press longer than if they were ironed dry. Similarly, if your hair is dry, give it a very light misting with a water spray bottle to bring up its moisture level, before curling.




When swimming, please avoid chlorine. To do this, wet your hair down, soak it with a conditioner and then wear a swim cap if possible.  Once the hair is saturated with water, and loaded with conditioner, it will not absorb the chlorinated water as it normally would.




We can effect the form or shape that hair can take in two ways. The first way is through temporary form methods. These temporary ways may be through the application of heat by such implements as curling irons and hot combs, or by wet setting the hair then going under a dryer, or just naturally air drying a style. The second way is a more permanent one, through the application of chemicals to the hair such as relaxers or permanent waves were permanently we alter the shape of the hair's internal bonds.