Black Hair Styling MasterClasses at the Jazma Hair Academy


Through our series of Black Hair Care MasterClasses, we will make you a better hairstylist.


The Jazma Hair Academy offers education, motivation and the sharing of knowledge and skills.  Our classes are designed and tailored to suit each individual's current skill level.  These classes are great whether you are new to the profession and looking for the best training availalble, or an experienced long time professional, who feels their creative edge and techniques could use a little sharpening or refreshing.  Come and join our award winning team of hair professionals, who are dedicated to the goal of helping you to become the best that you can be.  Come and  find out what they don't teach you in beauty school.


    Course Description and Cost
Black Hair Care
Black Hair School
Black Hair Classes
"These classes are great for both beginners or long time pros. We'll share with you what they don't teach you in beauty school ".


- Asha McLeod

Wash & Wear Relaxer Re-texturizing : In order to achieve today ' s and tomorrows progressive hair designs, hair needs to be relaxed and re-texturized in order to control and release texture- what we call Wash    & Wear Relaxing.By learning our unique off the scalp methods, that eliminate the discomfort and  potential dangers of scalp burning, your confidence will increase and so will your dollar volume in the salon. Our chemical re-texturizing MasterClass covers all aspects of relaxing Afro and super curly hair textures, plus includes special instruction and emphasis in our Wash & Wear Relaxer methods. 

Length of class: 1 day     Cost : $395.00 CAN.  


Advanced Cutting : The skills and techniques you ' ll learn at our cutting class will make your talents shine and keep your services in constant demand. Advanced cutting class includes instruction in commercial, classic and avant-garde cutting techniques.
Length of class: 1 day    Cost : $395.00 CAN.  

Thio Perming : This class will teach you how  to alter any kind of curl pattern and the creative style rodding techniques and processing tips you ' ll need to know, to achieve any look you want afterwards.

Length of class: 1 day     Cost : $395.00 CAN. 

Hair Finishing and Styling : Perfect finishing is the key to maintaining a strong client base. The techniques and business building ideas you will learn at this class for every type of client, will guarantee it for you.

Length of class: 1 day      Cost : $395.00 CAN.  

Salon Observation Day :Spend a day at Jazma with the team, peek over our shoulders and ask the questions you always wanted answered. Come see what a difference a day does make.

Length of class: 1 day      Cost : $250.00 CAN.  

Comprehensive Course : This course includes advanced haircutting, Wash & Wear  Relaxer re-texturizing, thio perming and our hair finishing and styling classes. Spending a week with us will instill a new level of confidence and creative energy in your work, that will take you to new levels of success.

Length of class : 5 days  Cost : $1195.00 CAN.